Patient Engagement



eClinicalWorks Messenger

Messenger 5.0 makes patient/provider communication simple, fast, and effective. Messenger eliminates the need for costly reminder letters and time-consuming reminder calls. Messenger is a fully automated closed-loop communication system that leverages the information in the EMR to connect with patients.

eClinicalWorks Healow

In support of its commitment to patient engagement, eClinicalWorks launched a $25 million patient engagement initiative in February 2013. This initiative is dedicated to developing a new business unit – healow™ | Health and Online Wellness – that provides a suite of tools focused on making communication between providers and patients secure, easy, and convenient.

eClinicalWorks Patient Portal

The Patient Portal, powered by eClinicalWorks, provides a secure communication channel between you and your patients and allows patients to be proactive in the management of their own health. They can review their personal health records (PHR), view lab results, request refills of authorized prescriptions, request referrals, request education material, or simply ask general questions. Fully integrated with the healow app, patients can access their patient portal account securely and manage their family’s healthcare anytime, anywhere.

Population Health

With risk shifting from the payers to the providers, insight into your patient population has never been more important. Physicians Trust will work with the practice to customize and implement the analytic, care planning and patient engagement solutions from eClinicalWorks. We focus not only on the executive level, but down to the practice to ensure data is being captured in the correct manner and insight provided back to the point of care.

  • Cost utilization dashboards: gain insight into the total cost spent for inpatient/outpatient, pharmacy, and DME services. Identify high-cost/high-risk beneficiaries and help case managers and providers create better care plans using closed-loop analytics
  • Clinical Quality Measures: Provider outcomes vs. payer-defined quality measures. Dashboards provide insight into your performance on PCMH and ACO measures
  • Population Health: create clinical quality dashboards and population health data visualization by zip code and region, analyze local results vs. national health trends
  • Population Health Alerts: configurable by community or quality thresholds, with dashboards to manage them all
Patient Engagement
  • Targeted, anonymous feedback about a visit provides medical practices with valuable information for monitoring and improvement
  • As a NCQA CAHPS survey vendor, eClinicalWorks can send the easy-to-complete CAHPS patient satisfaction survey questionnaire to your adult and pediatric patients and submit to NCQA
  • Engage patients through patient apps on their smartphones
  • Communicate with patients through voice, text or app notifications and receive patient responses at the point of care
Care Planning, Referral Network and Care Coordination Connector
  • Member management dashboards
  • Care Plan management and risk assessment
  • Patient-level dashboards to identify gaps in care
  • Patient community medical record view
  • Schedule management
  • Referral network and transitions in care
  • Build a secure network of trusted providers for referrals and consultations
  • Address books for in-network and out-of-network providers
  • Connect and securely exchange data between providers that use any EMR or no EMR at all
  • Network leakage dashboards report on out-of-network referrals

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